Nursing Care Services

Comprehensive Ventilator Services

The Ventilator program at Westlake Rehab & Nursing Center exists to help people with varying levels of support needs and remains one of the most comprehensive services at Westlake. Some residents will only need temporary ventilator services, and some may be on one for the rest of their lives; however, we believe that no matter what the situation, life can be enjoyable, active, and happy with the support of the right team. The “right team” is not only our excellent staff, but your family as well. Our program is designed to include your loved ones in the recovery process.

Our advanced equipment and techniques provide our patients with the best rehabilitative services in the area and is one of only three facilities in the Cleveland area to offer Ventilator/Vent Dialysis.

Our Specialty

Wound Care

Wounds can have many degrees of severity.  Westlake has a Certified Wound Care Doctor on staff who manages all wounds, whether acquired during a surgery or procedure, general skin breakdown, or from an infection. Our team of doctors, nurses, and therapists are able to provide a variety of treatments, and are constantly assessing the healing process and brainstorming the best way to comfortably, safely and quickly heal a wound.  This includes negative pressure wound care and IV therapies.  Please refer to our rehabilitation page for additional information on how our therapy team is involved with this care.

Skilled Care

Skilled nursing care often refers to the care provided to a patient by licensed nurses during a short post hospital stay at a skilled nursing facility.  Our licensed nurses are available 24 hours a day to care for patients requiring treatment for intravenous therapy, tube feeding, daily medication management and training, monitoring and treatment of changing health status, complex wound care, and more.

Rehabilitative Care

Rehabilitative nursing care often involves working with a patient to teach them how to monitor, manage and live with their diagnoses.  This includes medication management teaching, wound care teaching, feeding tube management, and helping to provide a general layman’s understanding of diagnoses.

Intermediate Care

Intermediate nursing care refers to care provided to patients, usually referred to as residents, who reside in the facility for a short respite stay or on a longer term basis.  These residents receive all of the same benefits of 24 hour licensed nursing care as above mentioned, but often don’t have the rapidly changing health status as someone just discharging from a hospital.

On-Site Dialysis

Westlake Rehab offers on-site dialysis services for patients who need treatment for end-stage and acute renal disease. Patients receive dialysis in a comfortable, quiet setting without having to leave the building. Westlake also has the capability to accommodate patients with tracheostomies requiring dialysis as well.

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